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How to get CoPhIR Test Collection

  1. Send an e-mail to (subject: new access to Cophir) containing the request with the necessary information (see Request Template).
  2. Print the CoPhIR Access Agreement and the CoPhIR Access Registration Form (doc, pdf), fill in the required information, then have both documents signed in original by the authorized person.
  3. Send by mail both documents to:

    Dr. Fausto Rabitti
    NMIS Lab.
    ISTI-CNR, Pisa Research Area
    Via Moruzzi, 1
    56124 Pisa (Italy).

  4. We will the send to your e-mail address, indicated in the Access Registration Form, an e-mail containing Login and Password to be used to access the CoPhIR Test Collection.
  5. To download the files of the CoPhIR Test Collection, enter the Download section in the CoPhIR Web Site and use your Login and Password.

Important documents

CoPhIR Access Agreement

CoPhIR Request Template

CoPhIR Access Registration Form (doc, pdf)